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Coaching for Performance Outcomes

Employees, Programs, Departments

Performance Coaching ($25 - $50 per hour/ flat rates for projects) - the systematic coaching of individuals [students/ employees], programs, and/or departments and consulting within an educational organization to support evidence-based outcomes. It’s an approached base in adult learning that can support student retention, employee performance, program success and department outcomes and initiatives. On the program and department levels a performance analysis will assess the organizational model, the workflow and information models.

Grant Writing & Writer's Coach

"Grant Writing; Author's Editor; Self-Publishing"

  • Grant Writer Services ($25-$50 per session/ project percentage %/ flat rates) for individuals, nonprofit and public organizations: will coordinate expert team, develop, write, and submit Request for Proposals (RFPs) for local, state, and federal grant programs upon request
  • Author's Editor - ($25-$40 per hour/ flat rates per project) the goal is to help authors produce clear, accurate, and effective documents that meet the reader's expectations and that will be favorably received by publishers; the goal is to improve format, structure, grammar, style, data presentation, argumentation, flow, and accuracy. Facilitate self-publishing
  • Writer’s Coach ($25 - $40 per session/ flat rates per project)) is a partner in crafting an overall book, thesis, presentation concept, research or article. The approach involves facilitating a client’s content, writing techniques, and engaging the author in revising the text for desired outcomes in the areas of academics, research, grant proposals, journal articles, and books.

Academic Success Coach

Student Retention, Portfolios, Dissertation & Thesis

($25 - $35 - per session) - Academic coaching is a designed cooperation between a coach and student for the purpose of fostering success skills in an educational environment. It is an individualized process that facilitates goal clarification and achievement. The purpose of academic coaching is to focus students toward their scholastic goals by providing structure, support and feedback. Academic Coaching supports student retention and leverages student diversity for program completion and graduation.

Career Development Coach

Job Search, Resumes, Assessments, Leadership

($25 - $50 per session) Career Coaching focuses on aligning a client’s passions, skills and value with their work. Career Coaching offers clients the opportunity to discover their calling, strengths, and values; refocus mission and vision and desired contribution from a self-directed learning approach. This involves leadership development across the the lifelong job and career spectrum: college, workplace and second career transition.

Professional & Personal Development Coach

Strengths, Emotional Intelligence, Across Cultures, Life Skills & Faith-Based

($25 - $50 per session) Professional and Personal Development Coaching focuses on the client’s emotional intelligence assessment [self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management] and development of a growth mindset plan with the aim of moving forward and maximizing performance in all areas of life beginning with identity, values & beliefs, capabilities, behaviors, and environment. Personal Development Coaching upon request may take a biblical approach for a client to maximize their growth spiritually from a faith-based perspective.

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