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First-Rate Performance Coaching and 


BLD & Associates, LLC  - The Beane Factor

Discover your greatness at BLD & Associates, LLC in Saginaw, Michigan. Established in 2012, we use a personal and relational approach, combined with coaching methods, to help further your personal, professional and business goals.

Our Founder

Founder and CEO, Dr. Rose M. Beane created BLD & Associates, LLC together with her associates. Her expertise in coaching and consulting is backed up by her various academic achievements, which include:

  • Certified Master of Career Services Credential | National Career Development Association (NCDA)
  • Colorado Governor's Coaching Corps
  • Masters in Psychology with a Specialization in Executive Coaching from the University of the Rockies
  • Doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education from Michigan State University
  • Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision with Administrative Certification from Saginaw Valley State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Education with Vocational Certification from Wayne State University

Mission Statement 

The aim of BLD & Associates, LLC is to help facilitate a culture of  the Wisdom of Excellence to influence, add-value and equip for career progression and success.

Our Goal

It is our goal to equip others through coaching from an adult learning perspective. We use the G.R.O.W. Coaching Model approach: GOAL(s) | REALITIES | OPTIONS | WAY FORWARD.  BLD will get you to your desired goal using the Beane Factor.

Influence | Add-Value | Equip

[$25 - $50 per session / project flat rates available]

  • Coaching & Performance Outcome Consulting (programs, departments, & personnel)
  • Writer's Coach - (grant writing, proposal writing, author's editor, technical, content editing, and self-publishing
  • Academic Success Coach (dissertations, thesis, portfolios)
  • Career Development Coach - (resumes, assessments, job search, and Career Progressions)
  • Professional & Personal Development Coach (growth planning)
  • Speaking & Presentation Engagements

G.R.OW. Coaching Model Approach

  • What Goal(s) do you want to accomplish?
  • Is the goal Realistic? What obstacles do you anticipate?
  • What are your Options?
  • What is the Way Forward? What are you willing to do?


“Rose Beane is well respected in the educational community for her knowledge and resourcefulness in securing grants for both the nonprofit and for profit sectors.”

-Antoinette Turner, Chief Academic Officer

“Dr. Beane has developed and written comprehensive grant programs, facilitated the administration of those grant programs and managed budgets of local, state and federal grants for the Saginaw Public School district totaling $63 million.”

-Dr. Elsa Olvera, Assistant Director of Multicultural Services & Coordinator of KCP GEAR UP Programs, SVSU

"Dr. Rose Beane has taught me not to forget how amazing the gift of life is, and it is never too late to believe in myself. She has given me the gift of courage to further my education and has guided me to believe, and I will succeed. She is an amazing coach and friend."

-Heidi Chernich, Administrative Assistant, SVSU

“Dr. Beane possesses a high level of personal, intellectual and professional competence.”

-Dr. Jose Valderas, Assistant Superintendent

“Dr. Beane is a scholar among her amalgamation of administrative skills and it is packaged in a friendly, witty, respectful, loyal professional.”

-Dr. Thomas Barris, Superintendent

“Rose M. Beane is a Gerstaker Fellow. To be a Gerstaker Fellow is a prestigious honor and to complete the requirements indicates a high level of intellectual capacity and dedication…capability to be an effective leader and substantiate her broad study and experience.”

-Carolyn Wierda, SVSU

Request a Free Quote 

BLD & Associates, LLC is your key to greater professional and personal success. Rates begin at $25 to $50 an hour /per session or based on a project flat rate as negotiated. Contact us for more information by phone or email. Online/ Skype appointments are available.

Contact Information

BLD & Associates, LLC

Phone: (989) 751-0779





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Tried and Tested Expert

We have been in the industry for years. When it comes to credibility, you can’t find anyone more reliable than us.

Up Close and Personal

Consulting and coaching is about your agenda. We make sure to emphasize maximizing your potential.

Inspire a Growth Mindset

What we do is more than just coaching. We give the guided support you need to achieve greater performance for professional and personal goals.

About Book

This project will provide a Playbook for navigating the 2-year College which is a springboard to a 4-Year university degree. Underrepresented populations who might not otherwise consider the college journey as a path to a better lifestyle can learn to be effective using this tool.

"High school prepares you to get into college but not how to do college"

Administrators, faculty, staff, and students can use this construct to increase college completion and retention by viewing students as Knowledge Workers.  The 2-year College Playbook partners with several principles: Adult Development Theory, Adult Learning Principles, Dilt's Learning and intervention Levels, Peter Drucker's Effectiveness Theory, Emotional Intelligence, G.R.O.W. Coaching and Performance Model, Strengths for Students, and Vincent Tinto's Retention Theory. The Playbook provides seven plays: Getting into College, Choosing a Career, Paying for Classes, Passing Classes, Graduating, Getting into a 4-Year, and Joining the Workforce.  Each Play provides a map of the steps [instructions on how to navigate the step in the College System, G.R.O.W.  Model [goal, reality, options, way forward -action steps], and a play summary. The College Maze Survey results are also included.


⦁ "I was lost. I didn't know what the rules of engagement were. I didn't know what to ask!"

⦁ A reference book, a playbook, a pocket reference to help me navigate all the hurdles. Even the staff, faculty, and administration are

scrambling to try to help students navigate."

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