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2-Year College Playbook for Students 

     The Playbook is designed for navigating the 2-year College System which is a springboard to a 4-Year university degree. Underrepresented populations who might not otherwise consider the college journey as a path to a better lifestyle can learn to be effective using this tool.

     Administrators, faculty, staff, and students can use this construct to increase college completion and retention by viewing students as Knowledge Workers.  The 2-year College Playbook partners with several principles: Adult Development Theory, Adult Learning Principles, Dilt's Learning and intervention Levels, Peter Drucker's Effectiveness Theory, Emotional Intelligence, G.R.O.W. Coaching and Performance Model, Strengths for Students, and Vincent Tinto's Retention Theory.           The Playbook provides seven plays: 1) Getting into College, 2) Choosing a Career, 3) Paying for Classes, 4) Passing Classes, 5) Graduating, 6) Getting into a 4-Year, or 7) Joining the Workforce.  Each Play provides a map of the steps [instructions on how to navigate the step in the College System, G.R.O.W.  Model [goal, reality, options, way forward -action steps], and a play summary. The College Maze Survey results are also included.

  • "High school prepares you to get into college but not how to do college"

  • "I was lost. I didn't know what the rules of engagement were. I didn't know what to ask!"

  • "Even the staff, faculty, and administration are scrambling to try to help students navigate."

 The 2-Year College Playbook is a game plan, a reference book, a playbook, or a pocket reference --- to help students navigate the College system because College is NOT Self-Explanatory.

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